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Key West with a Toddler: Turtle Time

Sometimes you just have to keep in simple.  With all the amazing things you can do with your kids while on vacation sometimes it is easy to lose sight of the fact that toddlers are entertained by simple things like boxes. While in Key West a chance encounter with some turtles reminded us of just that.

I’ll let you in on this little known gem…

Feeding Frenzy

Hyatt Centric Turtle FeedingThe Hyatt Centric Key West is home to some great restaurants, a beautiful view, and about 30 ravenous turtles.  They have also wisely installed a turtle food dispenser.  For just twenty five cents you can feed the turtles. Don’t let them fool you into thinking they are starving – these must be the best fed turtles in the Keys!

The staff at the Hyatt Centric are lovely and more than happy to change dollars out for quarters.

We had so much fun feeding the turtles that we ended up coming back two separate times when we were struggling for things to do.  Key West in August can be brutal when it comes to the heat. That coupled with my obsession with ivory skin ruled out some of the more traditional activities (aka spending all day on the beach). The turtles are fortunately hanging out in the shade and apparently always hunger.

Know Before You Go


Feeding the turtles is seriously just a quarter. We probably spent close to $2.50 total over three trips to the turtles.  The parking lot in front of the Hyatt Centric is a pay lot. We opted to street park and put an hour in the meter. This still keeps our total cost under $10.

The Hotel

Technically the turtles are in the outdoor portion of a hotel.  I can see why you may not technically feel comfortable hanging out in a hotel where you aren’t a guest. I personally was so hot I would have done anything for a chance to cool off in the shade (did you notice my child was shirtless?). They also have restaurants which are open to the public so I didn’t feel like I was breaking any rules. You could also opt to stay in the hotel – it was gorgeous!

Hyatt Centric Turtle Feeding


What simple activities have kept your kids happy and entertained while on vacation?