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Traveling with a Toddler

I thought our first post would appropriately be an introduction.  So who am I exactly? A mom of a toddler bitten with the travel bug. It wasn’t until I was a 19 year old in college that I even needed a passport. I am trying to make up for lost time and can happily report our toddler has already used hers and she is not even two!

I am a bit of an obsessively travel planner. I like to know where the best hidden gem restaurants are, which hotel is the best price and closest to all of the action, what will I regret if I don’t get to do.  My desire to heavily research travel was hampered a bit once we had a child.  There aren’t a wealth of resources out there for travel with a toddler.

Enter the Paciport, your guide to traveling with someone who requires both a pacifier and passport. My goal is to offer travel inspiration as well as travel tips, most do activities, and probably a lot of wisdom learned through trial and error. We plan to cover international toddler travel but will highlight some of our trips closer to home as well (let’s face it I have to save up for those big vacations!).

Thank you for stopping by!